Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mindjacker, by Sean Patrick Reardon

One thing should probably be stated from the get go. Mr. Reardon is a 'virtual' friend of mine, and I won this particular book by winning a contest on his blog. Furthermore,  my particular demographic is not the target audience for this book, as the author states himself in a recent interview:

"The audience I had in mind when I wrote it would be adults around ages of thirty to fifty, who enjoy pop culture and may not be avid readers. I think it is a known fact that men are not reading much overall. I wanted to write a story that a guy could read in a few sessions, be entertained, and maybe decide to start reading some of the great crime fiction that is out there today."

So let's start from the point that I think this is an absolutely terrific goal, and one that this book meets. If Mindjacker can be seen as a gateway drug to the world of fiction, then I think it's entirely successful.

But this begs the question a bit. What does Mindjacker have for me, not a man, and who am an avid reader? A lot of fun, that's what, though I may not have read the book exactly as the author had in mind.

I'd describe Mindjacker as "Swingers meets Michael Crichton" (in his sci fi thriller mode). There's a diabolical mastermind--a guy who the story says should have cut off his ponytail a long time ago (a sentiment I could relate to, particularly in the town I live in)--a device that messes with people's mind (literally), but more than that there are a bunch of guys wandering around trying to get ahead of this situation, but mostly meeting up, making friends, comparing their take on music and having a pretty damn good time fighting evil, flying around the country, and saving the day. Even though women are a bit in short supply in this story, the women who are there come across pretty well, though one or two may come to, uh, tragic ends.

Music is important to the author and it plays an important role in the book. If you are more playlist oriented than I am you will probably have fun checking out this post. I mean, I had fun checking it out, but I am not adept enough to have it playing while I was reading.

Sean Patrick Reardon says the  book he is working on is provisionally called "Sissy Murphy". Good title, and I'm looking forward to the results. 


  1. That IS a great goal! Sounds like he had fun writing it, and you had fun reading it.

  2. Exactly. His enthusiasm is very much part of the pleasure for me.

  3. Seana- "Swingers meets Michael Crichton" I love that. Thanks so much for the read and review. I truly appreciate it. Great blog as well!

  4. "Swingers meets Michael Crichton. I'm in there!

  5. I know, right? It seems so obvious--now.

    Paul, I think you might be too avid a reader yourself to precisely fit the profile, but there's only one way to find out. You can actually win a copy over on Sean's site and he's willing to ship a copy to the winner anywhere in the world. Details here.

  6. Aye, a worthy goal it is, to get non- or reluctant readers to read. Allan Guthrie has written for a publisher that aims at such readers, and it's nice to see a effort that has a bit of optimism behind it.

    Off to Nothern California this week for Bouchercon -- and the Phillies playing the Giants for the National League pennant.
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  7. Have a great time, Peter. It does seem a bit weird that it is going to be so close and I am not going to it, but as things have turned out, I'm pretty glad not to be trying to fit that into my life too.

    Giants vs. Phillies, huh? You would not believe how close I can be to this information and still have no idea about it. I mean people talking about it in the same room kind of close. Sounds quite exciting from your perspective, though.