Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scene of the Blog

Cathy Cole of the Kittling Books blog recently asked me if I would care to take part in her once a week Scene of the Blog post. Looking around my living space, all I could think was "The Horror!". But in a more general way, I do really like the idea, so check it out.

If I could just choose a place, this place might be worth a second look...


  1. Your post has not been there yet, has it? I must remember to keep an eye on her blog (I visit often but I do miss a post now and then).

  2. Dorte, I guess I wasn't being very clear. Cleaning up this joint enough for a photo is on the long list, so I declined. But I think the idea is interesting, so I decided to mention it here anyway.

    From photos you've posted, I think you would be an excellent candidate, and in fact you were one of the people I first thought of to do it.

    I updated the post, because her name is Cathy, not Carol as I first stated.

  3. Actually, I'm realizing that maybe you've already been on? If so, I'd love to see the photo you sent.

  4. Yes, I have been there - but as I was Cathy´s very first ´victim´, I can´t even find the post any more. It was nothing spectacular though as she just asked for one picture in the beginning.