Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monstress, by Lisley Tenorio

I put up a post the other day on this book on my more story related blog, which you can find here. Nevertheless, I think I gave the stories short shrift in my discussion of reading and readings. If like me, you don't really know a whole lot about the life of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans, you will pick up a lot from these often poignant stories. Off the top of my head, we've got the Filipino film industry, the Phillipines leper colony, the day the Beatles got into a kerfuffle with their Filipino fan base, the lives of the immigrant community in San Francisco's I Hotel, and the immigrant experience in a California place which might be heard by some to be called L'Amour. Oh yeah, and faith healers. I like the way Tenorio takes these historically based events and spins his own quite unique stories out of them. Check them out.  

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