Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sweet Thursday at Escape Into Life and a podcast

My review of John Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday is up at Escape Into Life. I doubt I would have read this short novel without my book group choosing it because somehow I had mixed it up with another Steinbeck title and vaguely thought it was about a wayward Tuesday Weld. Sometimes it pays to read the cover copy. The book is actually a sequel to Cannery Row, and highly enjoyable. It spoke to my condition in a couple of ways--first in the recognition that there are different eras in a life, and second in one character's gradual understanding that slowing down a bit can actually be beneficial at times.

In other news, and I've already posted this a couple of other places, a story of mine called The Pirate's True Love was selected for a new fantasy podcast series and you can find it HERE. I was quite happy about it, but I've already gone on and on about it, so just check out the story if you're interested. You can listen to one by A.A. Attanasio first, or just hop to about 44 minutes in if so inclined.

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