Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Writer's Digest "Dear Lucky Agent" contest

In a bit of a departure from reviewing and because despite having a lot of blogs, I don't really have a novel writing blog per se, I am going to use this one to mention a Writer's Digest critique contest that ends tomorrow. If you have a middle grade novel that you would like to get a little bit of an agent's perspective on, check out the "Dear Lucky Agent" contest at http://tinyurl.com/pwbds3q . July 30th is the deadline, and I'm sorry that that doesn't give you a lot of time, but I haven't gotten my entry together yet either, so there's no reason why we can't still pull this off, is there?

All you have to do is submit 150-200 words of your middle grade novel, plus a one sentence logline and then, and this is important, post a link to the contest in two social media sites of your choice. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, whatever. Just make sure and do this step because your brilliant tale will be disqualified at the starting gate if you don't.

Obviously, I'd like to win one of the three winning slots, but even if  I don't, I sure hope you do.


  1. Don't worry, I'm not going to steal your prize ;)
    Wishing you luck.

  2. Thanks, Dorte. And don't think I've forgotten your book. Just a little backlogged at the moment.

  3. I always send review copies out far too late. It doesn't matter with ebooks, however - they are NEVER out of sale :D