Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Europa Challenge 2015 is alive and well

Marie Cloutier has issued the Europa reading challenge for 2015 over at her place. The idea is pretty simple: you pick the number of titles you want to read from Europa Press and then write reviews about them over the year. Although I am actually pretty bad at fulfilling my commitments there, optimism triumphs over experience and I always get excited about it as a new year rolls around.

This year, Marie is handling it a little differently in order to encourage as many people to participate as possible. She has a linky system set up so that you don't have to post reviews to the blog itself, you can just sign up to link to it. To sign up for the challenge, go HERE. To post a January review, go HERE.

What am I looking at reading fromthe Europa list in 2015? Well, I'd like to finally get around to one of Alina Bronsky's darkly comic novels.

Or one of Stav Sherez's London detective novels.

 Or maybe I'll at least read the first of Elena Ferrante's trilogy that seems to be getting such good press.

 In any case, the year is young, my friends, so let's make sure we all set aside some time to read!

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