Saturday, November 23, 2013

Falconer at EIL, and personal news

I've put up another review at Escape Into Life, this time on John Cheever's Falconer. Although for the sake of people finding it who might be interested, I used the current cover over there, I actually read an old pocket book edition, which seems to be my preferred mode these days. Adds a certain period feel that I enjoy. So I'm using that cover here.

On a personal note, and if you read my Confessions of Ignorance blog you may already know this, I have a story up at One Teen Story, thanks to a workshop I took there. You can read "Inconstant Moon" HERE if you are so inclined. If you have an interest in writing short stories, I would recommend signing up for their blog, because they do this workshop every so often. You get a lot of prompts to work in, and for some reason that challenge helps you puzzle out a story. It's fun. 

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