Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Haiku Apprentice at EIL

My review of The Haiku Apprentice by Abigail Friedman is up over at Escape Into Life now. I was happy to pull this extremely winning account of an American diplomat's study of haiku in Japan out of the memory closet for a new round of readers. Check it out here. And while you're there, you'd do well to check out some of the recent art and poetry features as well. I saw Caravaggio's paintings in a new way when aligned with Andrea Potos' poems, and, though Halloween is past, I enjoyed the haunting poems feature, illustrated by the eerie art of Dan May.  


  1. As a first time visitor to your site, I am impressed by your eclectic approach to reading selections. And I am also, by the way, envious of your vocation: bookseller.

  2. Well, eclectic is a very nice way to say, "All over the place", isn't it? Thanks for popping over here, R.T. And you have reminded me that I should update my profile as I am no longer at the bookstore, though I did have a good long run at it.