Friday, March 7, 2014

In the Morning I'll be Gone now published in U.S., and When the Killing's Done at EIL

I've been reminded to mention that the American publication of In the Morning I'll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty has finally gone live, and the Audible version of the book is available as well. I reviewed the book just last month for the British edition, but in case some lone soul who somehow is only attracted to American editions is checking in, here's an excerpt of that review and a link. And it can't hurt to put up the new cover.

"Whatever may happen to Duffy in the course of this book, and I'm not telling, there's a general atmosphere of exile and leavetaking permeating it. It begins at the tail end of 1983, and there's a sense that anyone with any possibility of doing so is getting out. There's America, of course, but why not just take the little hop to Scotland or England? Sean's old girlfriend has, and one of his fellow officers is hoping to. And even in the course of his investigations, Duffy will go back and forth a few times. So why shouldn't he make the move more permanent?"

In other news, my review of When the Killing's Done is live today at Escape Into Life. Although this may sound like one of those gritty murder mysteries I'm prone to read, it's actually a thoughtful novel on how best to manage the Channel Islands. Although I discuss several aspects of the book in the review, I neglected to say how pleasing T.C. Boyle is as stylist. I'm the kind of reader who tends to get a little bored by long descriptive passages, but Boyle has a knack for making the Southern California landscape constantly vivid and interesting.

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