Sunday, March 9, 2014

Off the Shelf does Irish Crime

I was directed to a website called Off the Shelf just now, after reading about it on Declan Burke's blog, Crime Always Pays. The list he was directing us to was of eight works of Irish crime fiction. As I tend to be a bit of a dabbler rather than a completest, in books as in everything else, I was rather shocked to realize that I had read and enjoyed all these authors but one, and even that one I own two books from. I have even read the exact books mentioned, with the exception of the Kerrigan. I was rather bemused by all this. My reading life is really more about things I mean to get around to reading rather than things I have actually read. So what is it about Irish crime fiction that leads me to get the job done?

In any case, here's the list. Rather than my rambling reviews here, you will find these professional editors short and to the point.

(And the author I haven't read yet, for no reason at all, is Tana French. Luckily, she doesn't really need my help.)


  1. Thanks for posting the linked list. Yikes! Another list to remind me about how many good books I am missing.

    1. It's a terrifically strong list, RT.