Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Season of Migration to the North reviewed at Escape Into Life

For some reason (okay, laziness), I haven't mentioned here that I have a review of Sudanese born writer Tayeb Salih's short novel Season of Migration to the North  up at Escape Into Life. I read the book a little while ago for a GoodReads discussion group and in order to refresh my memory to write about it, I went through some other reviews, more knowledgeable than mine. I was struck by how much more there was to the story when revisiting it. I understand now why a panel of Arab writers and critics chose it in 2001 as the most important novel of the 20th century (not that I know whether they are right). You can read some of the other essays about it at the links before my piece.

Some good stuff up at EIL right now. New art, comic musings, poetry nominations, and the world of television all up quite recently. Take a look.