Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fifty Grand, by Adrian Mckinty--a limerick synopsis

Said the Cuban detective Mercado
On a trip up to high Colorado,
"A hit-and-run cad
Has knocked off my dad--
To avenge him estoy obligado! "

(Yes, I will now move on to other titles...)


  1. This is clearly one of your not so hidden talents.

  2. Thank you, but anyone can do this. You're good at this too, but for anyone who thinks they aren't, all you really have to do is listen to the rhythm of a limerick and then fit in appropriate rhymes at the end of the sentences. I must say that 'Mercado' stumped me for awhile. But overcoming the stumpedness is half the fun.

  3. Oh dear--just realized that the K in your name was not capitalized, and according to someone who knows, that's an insult of a high order. I'm going to change my identity back to Maharg again. Oops, too revealing. Oh, dear.