Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Matt Hill at Local Nomad

In a slight departure for this blog, I'm going to mention a new literary website here on the California Coast. I had lunch with a few friends yesterday, among them the poet Matt Hill. He told me that he had some poems up at a new website called Local Nomad. It's the brain child of poet and artist Jean Vengua. Originating out of her blog, it's overriding theme has to do with the idea that "our lives may be localized to some extent, but our human nature and modernity (still) continues to change and move us—sometimes violently—in directions that we can only guess at from one moment to the next."  (A slightly longer formulation of this can be found on the Local Nomad website HERE.)

I'm not really trained to analyze poetry, and don't have a lot of native aptitude for discussing it. But I like Matt's poems, and so why not start with the first one, "When Space Dislikes You"? At any rate, all three can be found right HERE.

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